Before The Start

Things you will need

Scissors or Paper Cutter

Scissors or paper cutter

Pay special attention when using scissors or cutters

Ballpoint Pen and Ruler

Ballpoint Pen and Ruler

Use dried out ballpoint pen and ruler,for folds easier and perfect
Assembly scheme

Assembly scheme

Scan the QR Code on the cover. Assembly scheme will make assemble much easier



We highly recommend to use white glue. Do not use glue stick.

The 3 Steps





Cut out all the parts with a craft/stationery knife or a scissors along the solid lines.

Pay special attention when using scissors or cutters.

(Do not cut the dashde/dotted lines)


Use a ruler and a dried out ball point pen or the dull side of the craft knife to press all fold lines.

Trace all the dashed/dotted lines For that when you make the folds easier and perfect.

Fold all fold lines into the right direction.

Dashed lines ( _ _ _ _ ) indicate a “valley fold”, which means to fold up

Dashed/Dotted lines (._._._._.) indicate a “mountain fold”, which means to fold down


Find the corresponding large letters in Alphabetical order on the parts.(From A to Z)

Find the same small numbers and glue them together.

Put glue(very thin) on the flaps that are on the unprinted side and glue the flaps inside(the printed side) of the other part.

Press firmly and press everywhere on a flap. Allow short time for the glue to dry.

Now, you just need some patience. when you are done, you will be proud of yourself

The most important

  • Be very careful when using scissors and paper cutters
  • Children under 12 years old should use scissors or cutters with the help of their parents.

  • It is very important that you glue the parts precise to each other. Always make sure the edge of your first piece aligns perfectly on the folding line of the associated flap.

  • Don’t apply too much glue. Less is more. Do not use glue stick.
  • Pon muy fino pegamento a las lengüetas, menos es más. No use barra adhesiva.
  • Assemble in alphabetical order will be easier..(A1.A2.A3…B1.B2.B3…C1.C2.C3… …)

Still Need Help?